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I’ve always had a blog, but I never thought I’d develop my own website… well, look where we are now. Ever since I was a little kid I loved writing, whether it was short stories, in my journal, you name it. It’s always been something that’s felt natural to me. Then I decided to pursue a career in Sports Journalism, so writing is pretty much going to be my life one day, hopefully soon. But I also love photography. And food. And exploring. And traveling. So this is an outlet for that. I get to tell you about my experiences, write about lessons I’ve learned in life, places I’ve been, etc… basically whatever my heart desires, but in one place.

I’m not exactly sure what life has in store for me, but I do plan to have a lot of fun doing it. So why not come along for the adventure?

Contact: alexandralicata98@gmail.com


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